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Alternative Investments

We create investment opportunities for our circle of trust.

Aternative investments

FIMED Capital Fund  will adapt your investment strategy with the objective of obtaining profitability and preserving capital. The fund will invest primarily through debt with real assets as the underlying.



Opportunities, bridging loan operations and venture debt.


Liquidity provider

We provide liquidity to DLT primary and secondary new regulated markets.

Loans with collateral

Short and medium term debt backed by real assets.

AIFM Regulation

FIMED SARL is a (GP) General Partner of the investment fund FIMED CAPITAL FUND and is part of the Swiss financial holding company  FIMED Group.

FIMED is an AIFM minimis registered with the CSSF of Luxembourg to manage funds of up to €100 million in open funds. The AIFM is not subject to the prudential supervision of the CSSF and is only registered in Luxembourg as a sub-threshold AIFM in accordance with article 3(2) of the AIFM Law. 

Our People


Being good in business

Is the most fascinating kind of art

Making money is art and

Working is art and

Good business is the best art

Andy Warhol


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